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Related post: Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 23:09:46 -0500 From: Steve Tobias Subject: Rainbow World -- Chap 1 (revised)** This work is a sexually explicit fiction intended models 11yo for audiences 18 and over, or as determined by local ordinance(s). The reader, aware of the nature of the work, assumes all risk and liability. This work is the property of its author and may be protected under U.S. and international copyright, and may not be reproduced, modified or reworked without the author's consent. All rights reserved. **Rainbow World - Chap 1 - scarlett latina model Revised** There is only one small revision(applied twice) - the word 'Purpward' replaced the word 'blueward'. These are two of the cardinal directions for this world, and I revised there meaning as I prepared chap 2.Kayin The sun's light crept into the room through the window as the shade model pic nn was raised casting its violet hue on the wall. As the light reached Kayin's eyes, he loita teen models was aroused from sleep. Truth be told, he had been sleeping fairly lightly. The day was finally here. He'd be traveling with his father to Purgo, the main city of the northern district. sports illustrated models He had never been outside his village of Lake Viol before (well except that one time he had gone to Viol Bay, but they nonnude models had only been there for a couple of hours after dark and Kayin hadn't been able to see anything). The trip would take two cycles! When Kayin had exclaimed that, his father had smiled at him and said, "Well african anatomy models it's not every Moon Rise that a boy celebrates his 100th cycle and comes of age." It would still be two Cycles and three Moon Rises before his 100th cycle, but they had to start out now for Purgor if they were to make it in times for The Games. The Games were they pivotal event in the life of a boy. It not only marked his coming of age, but offered the chance of untold privilege amateur photographic models and prestige. The Games were held once a cycle. child models mpegs All boys competed in the Game immediate after his 100th cycle celebration. The yeoman (the title of the young men who had competed in The Games and had returned) had told Kayin that there would be at least one hundred Gamers in each event. The biggest decision a boy had to make when he arrived at The Games was in which five events he would compete. You had to have one academic event, one team event, one individual event, one physique event, and taiwan teen model one skills. Kayin could hold his own academically, but it was not his strong suit. He was much better at trajectory sports, especially the Screach Throw. A Screach was a flat disc with model kids nudist six pairs of jagged knifes protruding from sherri model bikini little model nude the disc. When nn sandra model thrown properly, the top half of the disc spun one way, the bottom half spun the other way. You could not hear the weapon until it was about 5 feet from you, at which point blonde sex model you began to hear this 'screaching' noise, hence the name. Kayin had chosen to focus on the Screach for several reasons. First, it was a rad weapon. Second, he sandra model fan hoped its difficulty would dissuade others from focusing on it. Third, if (as was most likely) he came back as a yeoman, he would be in high demand as a 'Screacher' and might be nastya vlad models able allowed to move to one of the larger villages. About 250 people lived in Lake Viol. Kayin couldn't even begin to image what Purgo was like with its one million plus. But even more fascinating to Kayin was the chance to see the Indigo Sun. The yeoman even japanese pretten models claimed it wasn't in the sky all the 12yr topless model time, but moved along the redward horizon. You couldn't even see it half the time. In Lake Viol the only sun that could be seen was the Violet Sun and it was constantly straight up in the sky. It would make a slow small circle over the course of 10 cycles, but never came anywhere near the horizon. Not only that, but Kayin had been told that there were people from many other realms. For sure there were Greens and Yellows, but one yeoman had even claimed to have seen a Red man once. But surely a Red Man would not be young prteen models so far purpward and far from the Red sun. Kayin idly wondered if the jokes around school were true, that the more redward you lived, the smaller your equipment was. venitia teen model Kayin stretched as he young model incest climbed out of bed. He glanced down at his personal area and grinned as he thought that if it was true, he hoped he had gotten his father's genes for size. He was a purpward mix, pretty common in these areas. teenage models tgp His mom was Indigo and his dad was Purple although he doubted either was exactly pure. Normally you took nn ebony model after one or the other, but Kayin had child model videos actually fallen somewhere in between. It made him stand out some in class - a little deeper in color than a straight Indigo, but not as dark as a Purple. Given his physical prowess, especially with the Screech, his latino model sexiest unique color blend was viewed as 'exotic' and 'cool'. He'd seen his father naked acemodeling enough in the community showers and knew that father was definitely on the larger prteen models sex size of the men in lily tenue model the community. There were no Indigo men in preten model asia Lake Viol. All the Indigos were women. They had been brought up here according to the marriage act. About five generations ago a sickness had spread through thousands of villages, killing almost half the population. It had been discovered that there was too little movement of people among the small villages, leading to essentially inbreeding, which lead to suppressed immune systems. Now marriages were arranged. Depending on how Kayin did at the Games would depend on who his spouse would be. He would be matched up with a Yeowom who finished comparably filipina model in the female ls model board version of The Games. She would move up to his village. So he had no reference for how big Indigo Men's privates grew, just the locker room wisdom to go by. He had initially feared that he was destined to follow the way of his Indigo background. For 14yo model nn while his skin was child model maxwell blended, his hair was not. The hair on his head was bright Indigo, just cute angels models like his mom's. But a couple of cycle ago, he had a reason for hope. His hair down below had started to come in. He now had a topsite tgp model thin monica model torrent cropping of hair just above his penis with a trail of hair following up to his navel - and it was deep purple. Apparently word of his different colored hair had been whispered beyond the locker room, as he had had three or teen model 12 four girls shyly inquire if it were true. One even hinted she sierra model might want to verify it herself! Kayin got dresses, left the room and headed to the family room. Two hours later he older glamour models and his father were on their way. They traveled from Moon Rise to Moon Set going farther and farther redward. Each Moon Set, they would arrive in a new village and settle in rooms set aside for Gamers. When they left the following morning, more often than not, another Gamer or two and their fathers would be added to their group. By time they made it to Purgo, the group Kayin was traveling with had grown alex teen model to close to latina models swimsuit 100. Kayin would never forget his child nude modeling first view of Purgo. It was also his first glimpse of illegal models pic the Indigo Sun, which happened to be low on the horizon right behind the largest, most massive city Kayin had ever imagined. Purgo stretched out for miles across the horizon and the Indigo sun appeared like a crown of glory behind a tall tower that pleasure models rapidshare was in the middle of city. Kayin would see many wonders in his life, but this first one would always hold a special memory for him.Tig Tig stood in front of the dresser of his 'guest room'. All that it contained was a Klimf. Tig stared at the neatly folded cloth and found he couldn't move. He didn't alexandra model net know what to do. Tig had just returned from the booty models shower room. He had left teen topless models his other clothes on the bed. While he had been showering, someone had come into the room and taken them. It wasn't that he didn't bianca jade model know how to boys underwear modeling wear the Kilmf, after all he ls young models had instructed many of the boys in his house the proper manner to wear them, as was his modello q r role as the seventh son. No, portal model child it was that seeing the Kilmf in the dresser finally brought home the reality of the past Term. Klimfs were worn by servants. They were essentially a triangular piece of clothing, You wrapped the base of the triangle around your waste, fastening in the front with models 13 nonude a clasping teen model liste bearing the shield of the house in schoolgirl model ukraine which you served. The rest of the cloth angel model pic was pulled up between your legs and also fastened to strawberry young models the clasp. Higher ranked servants had generous amounts of cloth in dark colors that not only covered up your goods, but even provided leggings 12yr nude models to an extent. The Kilmf in Tig's drawer was a white, thin material. It wasn't exactly shear, but given Tig's Ored (orange-red) skin, it might as well have been. Even worse, the clasp was simply an iron circle. He was house-less, at least children models russian for now. How could his parents have done this to him? Tig had been the bigfoot models seventh son born into the Carmine family, one of the wealthy in Red Territory. His mother had been a Tangelo, honest to goodness royalty from the Orange asian male models Realm. His parents had married to hot asian models cement relationships between the riccardo gay models two lowest teen model factory3 realms of Prisma. Hence how he came to have Ored skin, the only one young models toplist of his siblings not to have a pure color. Blended skin chapiel model home was by no means likely in the metal model makers offspring of a mixed marriage. xxx models russian In fact it usually occurred in about 1 out of bell model 30 every 100. Not that it mattered that he was mixed. Some viewed mixed skin colors as natural preten models sexy models ebony a sign model teens nudism of greatness. Others viewed it as almost a mark of the devil. But given his family's clout, no ever raised their concerns or speculations in his sight. At least that's how it had been cheerleader models young blog models until his dad couldn't keep his pecker in his pants. He model teens sexe top models 13yo apparently wanted to see if it was true that Green women were friskier in bed than Orange or Red women. Unfortunately alex model rapidshare Tig's dad had not been discreet. He was disowned by both families. His maternal grandparents blamed Tig's mom device model petite models wanted for a poor choice of husbands. Tig's teen models namb paternal grandparents told my dad he could clean up his own scandals. Without the family credit, bills stacked up quickly. So when the Traders came along, Tig's parents sold them the one thing that beretta pistol models was valuable enough to pay all their bills - Tig. With a hopeless feeling of loss, Tig pulled the Kilmf on. He had been correct in his first impression of the Kilmf, it left nothing to the imagination. Tig was pretty sure it was sized for a tenth termer. usenet nn models Tig was a thirteenth termer. His voice hadn't deepened yet, but his rubies and rod had begun their growth. He teen model socks couldn't keep both rubes in, one or the other dangled out. Tig sighed, he was sure it was intentional. He wasn't like the prettens models forum other Trader boys, he had been the elite. blueteen models crystal bevins model But no more - that was a life of the past. Tig wasn't exactly worried about being traded. After all, ukrainian models toplist most families treated their Trader Boys better than they treated their own children. Tig knew that from personal experience. He mostly wanted to get through the little girlsmodels first interview. It model raquel gibson was with the Orchestra Maestro. The Orchestra was young model index always looking for young voices. Tig liked to sing, but definitely not at the price the male model xxx Orchestra extracted. They liked to keep the men's voices young, and took steps to ensured model brazil teen they did. Tig was attached to his manhood and had no desire to part from it. The problem was that Tig preetens model 10y was a good singer. And it wasn't simply a matter of singing poorly. A good singer can't sing poorly, he will simply sing the wrong notes wonderfully. Thankfully Tig's private music tutor dearly loved Tig and had provided him with a potion that would temporarily scar his vocal russian pornmodel galmor teen models cords. It wouldn't affect his everyday talking, but if Tig tried to sing anything in the next several days, it would sound like someone were scratching their nails on an iron skillet. There was a knock at the door. Tig acknowledged the knock with a, "Come in." The door opened. The man who stood at the door was almost twice Tig's height. He was dressed in a golden robe, cinched at the waist with a blue cincture. Tig recognized the outfit, he'd dealt youing russian models with men in such outfits often. As the youngest son, he had been responsible slave sex model for the Trader Boys in his house - buying them, training them, caring for them. Here now was a Trader and Tig nude skin models was about to be sold.To lola models girls be continued...Hope you like - this is my first try at writing. The story will involve more erotica, but that's not necessarily the going to predominate every chapter. Please let me know what you
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